Bucking Bulls – History/Pics from the Past

herman-brian-01 Reprinted from the archives of the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle with permission of Cheyenne Newspapers, Inc., Copyright 1999. All rights reserved

We started breeding bucking bulls in 1979 by using our Hereford cows, they were bred to a Brahma bull.  The first set of calves were all very good, from then on Eckroth Rodeo Bulls have been producing rodeo’s and hauling bucking bulls to High School, College, Amateur, and a few PRCA and PBR events.

Several of the bucking bulls that we have raised have own Bull of the Year awards in many different associations across the Upper Midwest.  Today we continue to improve our breeding program using Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer using the bloodlines of Playboy, Wrangler Rivets, White Sport Coat, Mudslinger, Johnny Walker Red, Night Life, White Water, Gunslinger, Spook, 100 Super Bull, and several others.


Pictured above is Mike Moore at 2002 DNCFR, 91 pts.
Brian Herman tied the arena record at Cheyenne Frontier Days in 1999 with 94 pts on #311 (above)
pbstatsClick Here for #311’s PBR Stats
#311 was the 1997 NDRA and RRA Bull of the Year
J3 Buffalo Bill was the 1989 NRCA Bull of the Year
Eckroth 252 was also the dam to #411 McGruff, one of the best bucking bulls we have raised

Video of #311 at 1999 NFR, Tony Mendes 85 pts

411mcgruff #411 McGruff1/2 Brother to
#311 Why Not Minot
Sired by #23 Cadillac Ranch (Berger),
out of Cow #252 – dam to Why Not Minot

The picture on the left is when Scott Breding rode #411 McGruff for 89 pts at the
1990 Home on the Range Champion’s Ride
in Sentinel Butte, ND







wildbill01 #32 Wild Bill1/2 Brother to
#311 Why Not Minot

Sired by #J3 Buffalo Bill 






cottoneyedjoe01 #418 Cotton Eyed JoeSired by #46 Tigger

#46 Tigger is sired by
#23 Cadillac Ranch (Berger)
#23 Cadillac Ranch is also the sire of
#411 McGruff
(1/2 brother to #311 Why Not Minot)















#41 Milk Belly

1998 Roughrider Rodeo Association
Bull of the Year







Sired by #46 Tigger


#16 Scorpion

North Dakota Rodeo Association
2001 Bull of the Year
Badlands Professional Bull Riders
2001 Bull of the Year

#300 Cream Puff
Purchased from Korkow Rodeo Co.

  • Northern Plains Rodeo Association
  • 1991 Bull of the Year

  • Northwest Ranch Cowboys Association
    1991 Bull of the Year
  • Rough Rider Rodeo Association
    1991 Bull of the Year
  • North Dakota Rodeo Association
    1991 Bull of the Finals
  • North Dakota Rodeo Association
    1992 Bull of the Year
  • Jim Sharp was 93 pts. on #300 in 1991
    at Detroit Lakes, MN
scorpion02 scorpion03 scorpion04


#469 Poison Ivory

Rough Rider Rodeo Association
2000 Bull of the Year


buffalobill J3 Buffalo Bill
1989 NRCA Bull of the Year
Purchased from Weinberger Rodeo Bulls
Sire to #311 Why Not Minot
#04 Wild Cherry
Cody Whitney was 87 pts at 2004 Gillette ABBI Classic
prairiefire #72 Prairie Fire


A son of Prairie Fire
prairiefire02 #J6

Purchased From Weinberger Rodeo Bulls
#C1 Brindle Bar prairiefire03
mrcongeniality #40
Mr. Congeniality
prairieoutlaw #010
Prairie Outlaw

sired by 72 Prairie Fire


#01 Hat Trick
2004 NDRA Bull of the Year
wildcat #3 Wildcat
purchased from Nick Kallsen, CO

#21 Rambo
1987 North Dakota Rodeo Association
Bull of the Year

sharpdressedman 210 Sharp Dressed Man
1996 North Dakota Rodeo Association
Bull of the Year
Sold to Harry Vold , hauled in PRCA for 2 years.


 #114 Dare Devil (grandson of #210 Sharp Dressed Man)